What is Chiropractic? There is only one goal of chiropractic - the detection and correction of the vertebral subluxation complex.

What is a subluxation? A vertebral subluxation is a condition in which there is improper motion or position of a spinal joint which causes interference with your nervous system. Since your nervous system controls the function of every organ, gland, muscle, cell and sensation in your body, interference to its function has serious health consequences. The following simplified diagram may be helpful in your understanding.

How are subluxations corrected? After careful analysis of the exact character of a spinal subluxation, a series of specific spinal adjustments can help restore proper motion and position to a spinal joint, thereby removing interference to the nervous system. Spinal adjustments are performed using hands-on methods, with the actual adjustment taking only a fraction of a second. A variety of specialized procedures and adjusting tables are used depending on the area of the spine being corrected and individual patient variables. Babies, pregnant women, senior citizens and professional football players can all be adjusted safely and effectively using specialized methods appropriate for them.

Does the actual correction take a long time? How long this will take depends on the severity of the subluxation, how long you have had it, your general health status, and how well you are able to follow recommendations concerning visit frequency and self-help measures.

I hear that you have to see a chiropractor forever. Is this true? How long you choose to benefit from chiropractic is always entirely up to you. Some people see a chiropractor only when they have some obvious symptom. As soon as the symptoms start to clear up, they discontinue care. Other people realize that symptom relief is only a very small part of chiropractic. These people bring their entire family to their chiropractor on a regular basis in order to have spinal subluxations detected and corrected before obvious symptoms develop.

Who should see a chiropractor? This question is something like asking "Who should exercise?" or "Who should eat good food?" or "Who should breathe clean air?" Everyone who wants to be as healthy as they can be should see their chiropractor regularly to minimize the nervous system interference that occurs with vertebral subluxation. Please understand that chiropractic is not a treatment for various medical conditions, but that people are simply better off without vertebral subluxation. If, like very many other people, you have a condition that clears up when your subluxations are corrected, wonderful! If you have a condition or symptom that doesn't clear up the way you'd like it to, you're still better off without subluxation!

If you have any other basic questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me and I will get back to you ASAP. If you live in or will be visiting the Rochester area, call the office and get scheduled for one of our New Patient Orientations, where we explain in more detail and with scientific references what we do, what we don't do, and why. These orientations are offered approximately two times each month, are a lot of fun, and are completely without cost or obligation.