Chiropractic Care & Wellness Services Offered

Hadley Chiropractic is a state-of-the-art facility known for providing exceptional care to members of our community.  

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On-Premise X-Ray Facility utilizing the latest in digital radiography

We use the latest digital radiography technology in our office for on-site X-Rays to ensure we pinpoint all areas of soreness, stiffness & pain that are being caused by misaligned spinal columns and joints. We then develop a total plan of action to remedy all of your ailments and not only the spine & neck. Associated Tags: digital radiography, joint pain, muscle soreness, on-site x-rays, stiffness

sEMG (surface electromyography)

We detect the electrical activity of individual muscles (or muscle groups), through surface electromyography , to determine how much the specific muscle(s) was exerted to determine if it has been over-used, worn or structurally weakened. Associated Tags: electrical pulses, muscle exertion, sEMG, surface electromyography

IR Thermal Scanning and Heart Rate Variability Assessment

IR Thermal Scanning uses infrared sensors to take temperature readings and evaluate autonomic nerve function. It establishes a baseline for temperature differentials that can be referenced over the course of chiropractic care. We can then monitor progress and target areas for improvement to reach better overall health & wellness. Associated Tags: body temperature, IR Thermal Scanning, nerve function

Computerized Range of Motion Testing

We use computer software to track & estimate the spinal column's range of motion to determine the percentage of impairment then monitor progress throughout the course of your chiropractic care. Associated Tags: impairment, range of motion

Specific Spinal Adjustments

Spinal adjustments are performed to improve, or correct, a subluxation within the spinal column. By applying certain amounts of pressure on specific parts of the spinal column (and other skeletal areas) we re-align the spinal vertebrae so that the spine is straightened and does not press onto nerves, muscle, tissue, etc.. thus alleviating pain, soreness, headaches, and many other ailments. Associated Tags: back pain, back pain relief, bulging disc, headache, headache relief, low back pain, migraine headaches, neck pain, neck pain relief, pinched nerves, spinal adjustment, spinal alignment, spinal decompression, tension headaches

Precise Extremity Adjustments (knees, shoulders, feet, etc.)

The spine & neck are not the only areas that can greatly benefit from chiropractic care and adjustments to the knees, shoulders, hands and feet often relieve pressure & tension stored in those areas. Associated Tags: knee pain, foot pain, joint pain, leg pain, pain relief, sciatica, shoulder pain

Customized Functional Foot Orthotics (to help stabilize the pelvis and lower kinetic chain)

Good body posture is essential to avoid awkward angles of other body parts, like the spine, over-compensating  to maintain a proper balance of the skeletal system and often customized foot orthotics are needed to correct leg lengths, foot arches, etc.. With customized foot orthotics everyone can ensure they have correct body posture and avoid the added stresses placed on other body parts in attempts to correct the body's posturing. Associated Tags: body posture, foot arches, foot orthotics, skeletal alignment