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Written Testimonials

John L - "These adjustments make all the difference in my headaches, neck, back and hip pain.  Thanks!"

Jeff T - "I can walk without horrible pain."

Dana N - "Helps me play golf and play with my kids with much less pain!"

Joanne B - "When I first came in I had terrible vertigo.  I had been out for almost 10 days at that time. I tried the medical doctor thing: various tests - things were normal.  After first visit I felt better, after second visit vertigo gone.  Doing follow-up visits to complete treatment."

Kathryn K - "I first came to Hadley Chiropractic because of severe and debilitating lower back injury that prevented me from caring for my family- including my 5 month old daughter.  Within minutes of my first adjustment I had a measure of relief, and a month later I am able to care for my daughter on my own, am not taking any pain medication, and most significantly I've been able to get out of bed on my own for the past week.  I currently have no pain or tightness in my lower back."

Carey W - "I came to Hadley for preventative care but found on my first visit that I had subluxations of the neck area and mid-back.  Since starting care, I have less headaches and feel absolutely wonderful.  I'm going to stick with maintenance to ensure my optimum health!"

Larry - "Getting adjusted relieves some of my leg pain and the morning pain and stiffness."

Anonymous - "My lower back was in spasms when I came in.  Walking was difficult.  Dr. Hadley has me pain-free with regular monthly visits.  MAGIC HANDS!!"

Anonymous - I stand straighter, walk better, have no discomfort or pain, have better range of motion, have more flexibility, and just feel better.

Sr. S.S. - "It has been a tremendous help to me to have these treatments and I would be miserable if I did not come.  Dr. Hadley is an excellent chiropractor and is very invested in the welfare of each patient."

Anonymous - "My subluxation presses on a nerve root that innervates a delicate function unmentionable in Victorian Society.  I have benefited by becoming a much happier boy :)"

Helen F - "Relief from neck pain and back pain and now relief from Baker's Cyst."

Dianne L“I have been seeing chiropractors for 25 years. Because I have, I have been able to deal with stress and not fall apart. My husband had heart problems to the point his heart was function at 8%. He would be adjusted every 2 weeks (he drove a big truck delivering over 4 states). The doctors were amazed that he could continue to function normally. He ended up have a heart transplant. He me all the milestones fare soon than what is normal. We all attribute this to the fact that he was seeing a chiropractor regularly. I consider seeing a chiropractor as an investment in my future as I grow older.”

Donald L  - Helped relieve my all-over back pain over time and I am myself again.