Current Patient - Reference Guide


This page is meant for patients currently under care at Hadley Chiropractic. 

It is very common for your chiropractor to recommend simple stretches, exercises, or at home equipment to help aid in your recovery and promote long-term stability.  Some of the most frequent suggestions have been provided here so that you can access them easily and from anywhere.

Please only do what has been recommended to you by your chiropractor.  DO NOT assume that even these simple stretches are appropriate or safe for everyone.  If you have questions about some of the suggestions found here, please either call the office or bring them up to your chiropractor at your next appointment.  If at any point while doing these activities you feel pain, please stop and contact your chiropractor. 


Request an Appointment



Ice Pack Instructions


Do not apply directly to skin (wrap in paper towel)

Place the ice pack over the area for 10-15 minutes

Wait at least 45 minutes before icing that area again


Daily Stretches / “Toothbrush Exercises”


Upper Body


Lower Body





At-Home Supplies


If your chiropractor suggested a product or tool to help support the care you are receiving, it can often be found HERE.  Feel free to shop around for the best price, this is meant only as a reference for you.