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Posted: April 24, 2015
By: Dr Howard Hadley

Here’s something that you wouldn’t think would have to be studied, but I’m glad that they did.  You’ll often hear people say that they “adjust” their own spine.  Well…I’m a chiropractor with almost 25 years experience, and not only can’t I adjust my own spine, I have enough respect for the importance of my spine and nervous system that I’d NEVER even consider trying to adjust my own spine.  By analogy, I hope that I never have to see a neurosurgeon (a surgeon who also, like us, works with the nervous system), but if I do, I certainly won’t try to do it myself.  Or go to any sort of amateur!  So, the current study looked at self-manipulation as compared to specific chiropractic adjustments.  And the conclusions are exactly what you’d expect: both that “chiropractic adjustments are safer and more effective at treating low back pain” and that “non-specific self-manipulation can exacerbate (make worse) current problems in patients.”