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flu shot story

Posted: June 19, 2014
By: Dr Howard Hadley

This story isn't about chiropractic, but it so upsetting that I have to share it.  An unfortunate young woman “has no use of her legs and lacks the strength in her upper body to feed or clothe herself.” She’s 24 years old now, and was 20 when it happened.  And the headlines say that she “wins $11.6 million for treatment.”  Right.  “Up to” $11.6 million for treatment.  Sounds to me like the medical community that did this to her won.  They are the ones who’ll get this $11.6 million.  But don’t worry she’ll also get “more than $1 million for her lost wages, pain and suffering and other medical expenses.”  Wow, she must feel so very lucky.  And who is paying this money?  The drug company?  The doctors involved?  Nope.  The government.  Which means, of course, that you and I are paying for it.  Why are we paying for it?  Because of a “safety net created by Congress a quarter century ago to spread the cost of those risks and ensure that vaccine manufacturers can keep doing business.”